The King’s Speech – US version

Very funny spoof trailer for a US version of the King’s Speech (which just won a bunch of Oscars), called the President’s Speech. From the Jimmy Kimmel show.

Prop8 strike-down rally

Yesterday, the news came through that Judge Walker in San Francisco had ruled that the controversial Proposition 8 – which bans gay marriage in California and had been approved by referendum two years ago – was unconstitutional. The ruling is quite an interesting read and may well set significant legal precedents further down the line.

The result was a march from San Francisco famous gay district, Castro, to City Hall, along Market Street. I caught up with the rally just as it ended the top of Market St and got some pictures of the march and the subsequent speeches in from of City Hall. You can see them below as a Flickr feed.

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Who wants to be a millionaire? Set in 1943

Peter Serafinowicz is a funny man. I’ve been following him on Twitter for a while where he chucks in gags and puns all day. But it’s his acting that’s he’s best at – Shaun of the Dead, Couples Retreat etc – and that he’s most known for.

For some reason I decided to visit Peter’s website today and discovered that he’d had a BBC sketch show a few years ago (which wasn’t recommissioned for a second series) called The Peter Serafinowicz Show. And some clips from it are on YouTube and linked to on his site.

It’s pretty good – needs a little more comedic pace for a sketch show – but there are occasional flashes of brilliance. Such as the clip below, where he produces a version of Who wants to be a millionaire? set in World War II. I enjoyed so I figured I’d do a quick post so you could too.

Our new address

Thankyou all for coming – we want to keep in touch with you all, so here is our new address in San Francisco:

426B Cole Street
San Francisco

Ganesh Puja

Thanks to everyone that came to Pleasanton last night to attend the Ganesh Puja.

It was a great success – we honoured the elephant god Ganesh, who – it was explained during the ceremony – is the Hindu equivalent of asking a public figure like a governor to attend a ribbon cutting. We then honoured the celestial powers and sang together, both before and after the ceremony, before tucking into a great spread of dishes.

We will stick up pictures and more information on the puja for those interested later. If you have pictures of the event, do please email Kieren at

Welcome all

So I’m writing this while heading back into town for drinks with the men having just seen Sapna with her hands beautifully decorated.

The Ganesh ceremony is tomorrow afternoon in Pleasanton, so I hope we’ll see those of you who have travelled all this way.

The best way of getting there for those in the city is probably to catch the BART train to Dublin/Pleasanton and then either call or catch a cab to Sapna’s mum’s house.

See you there!

Some British humour

Just received this from my Mum of all people. A good British gag:

“I live on the edge of the county of Berkshire in England.

“There is a huge council house in our street. The extended family is run by a grumpy old woman with a pack of fierce dogs. Her car isn’t taxed or insured and doesn’t even have a number plate, but the police still do nothing.

“Her bad-tempered old husband is of foreign descent but is still notorious for making racist comments. A shopkeeper blames him for ordering the murder of his son and his son’s girlfriend, but nothing has yet been proved.

“All their kids have broken marriages except the youngest, who everyone thought was gay, and two of their grandsons are meant to be in the Army but spend most of their time partying in nightclubs. They are totally out of control.

“God, how I hate living near Windsor Castle. “

A first time visitors guide to San Francisco

We just came across a First Time Visitors Guide to San Francisco on Trip Advisor.

It is pretty good, so if you’ve never been to San Francisco before and are wondering how to get the most out a few days in the city, we recommend checking it out.

Engagement snaps

A few weeks ago, Sapna and I had some engagement photos taken around the Embarcadero in San Francisco, by our wedding photographer, Peter Kwan. You can see them in a slide show below or by following this link.

Engagement photos

We had some engagement photos taken a few weeks ago when we were up in San Francisco by our wedding photographer, Peter Kwan. You should be able to see the Flickr photostream below; otherwise click here for a webpage with them all on.

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