Cuarteto Genesis – Jonny plays strings

I have recently been in Mexico visiting my old mate Jonny Hennessey-Brown who got married on 29 December to the lovely Suzanne Evans, both of whom are in the string quarter called Cuarteto Genesis to which this blog post is a blatant plug (the other two are Tim Myall, a Brit, and Gocha Shkirtladze, a Georgian).

Actually, Jonny asked me to take some snaps of them rehearshing to stick up on their blog, which I did and I thought I’d also put one or two up here (you can see them all here).

Gocha a lovely Georgian bloke on violin

I also knocked up a poster for this big gig they have in Merida at the end of the month with Cuarteo LatinoAmericano – who are, apparently, the big boys when it comes to string quartets in Mexico.

I’m no big classical music fan. In fact I know almost nothing at all about classical music. But the piece they were practising when I took the snaps was lovely – written by Javier Alvarez and called Metro Chabacano.

And, as luck would have it, the Latinoamericano quarter have their version of it, complete with video up on YouTube – to which, a link below.


Anyway, that then is my friend Jonny’s string quartet (his day job is lead cello in the Yucatan Symphony Orchestra), and here be my snaps of them in action, as well as a copy of the poster I made (I got 100 copies printed up and we handed them to people as they left a Symphony Orchestra concert on Saturday).

And that’s it. Oh, hang on, need one of Suzanne…

I’ve only just got Net access after three days without so I am filtering through emails etc etc, and have to get on with other stuff…

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