US news rant: the video evidence

I forgot to add that I also found two fantastic video clips that demonstrate the sheer madness of the TV news in the United States.

One shows the mindless self-absorption the media has with itself in such an extraordinary way that it could easily be mistaken for genius satire.


And the other is John Stewart doing what John Stewart does best – despairing but in a very entertaining way.

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  • You do understand, I assume, that although Keith Olbermann and Jon Stewart are both on TV, neither of their shows are “TV News.” Please despair all you want about the state of TV news in the US–I agree that it is hideous–but let’s not mix apples and oranges (TV news and TV meta-analysis)

  • Susan W

    The Brit’s might not get it yet

    Counter-culture news with humor is in the USA the perfect prescription to the fact that only 3 men own every single media outlet in America!

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