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Nominet Board fight rolls on

Yet another extraordinary statement has come out of Nominet – the .uk registry owner – today. This time, the chairman Bob Gilbert lambasts a “number of false allegations” made in a resignation letter from former director Jim Davies.

The letter was posted on the Nominet members’ private mailing list, nom-steer, and contains “sensitive and confidential board and HR matters”.

In it, Davies provides details of an executive compensation package through which he accuses the CEO of unfairly profiting from the non-profit organization, and also alleges that the previous head of IT was kicked out the company for raising a concern about the CEO’s behaviour.

This is just the latest broadside in a war that has been raging at the heart of Nominet for almost a year.

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Nominet wins EGM votes – but only just

Nominet very narrowly scraped the 90 percent it needed to be able to expand beyond the .uk registry this morning in Oxford.

In fact, 90.97 percent – which in reality meant that a Nominet member or two either way would have seen the whole thing fall over. I’m very pleased this got through. I think Nominet should be able to move into other areas – particularly ENUM and particularly the next generation of Net infrastructure. The domain name system in itself is a set system now and despite the expansion in new gTLDs, and the upcoming IDNs, it’s not where the growth and Nominet has bigger eyes and better talent than that.

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How to avoid learning perhaps a little too much about Kieren’s life

I mentioned about a month ago how I was considering setting up a second blog so I could more easily separate my personal and professional life. And yesterday, twice, I was reminded that there is a bit of an unusual overlap when I spoke to two people: one, the spokesman for a company I regularly report on; and the second, the CEO of a company I also follow closely.

Both of them made mention of my paella (I note with sadness that only one was interested in the actual recipe however). Now this was a tremendous paella, there’s no doubt about that, but I suspect that there may be a few people out there that don’t want to know about my lunch and so I am going to highlight here an easy solution to the problem: separate RSS feeds.

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Nominet IGF meeting audio recordings

Nominet held a meeting over the IGF on Monday which has attracted a fair amount of attention, most of it revolving around Nitin Desai’s remarks at the end, picked up by the BBC.

I have grabbed the audio from the meeting and produced a series of MP3 files which you can download and listen to here. I will also post them on the blog. All files below:

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IGF London meeting: rushes, worries and lessons

So Nominet held a big meeting in London on Monday covering the new Internet Governance Forum that will meet for the first time at the end of this month in Athens.

Nominet IGF meeting

In some ways, it was a sort-of mini IGF in that it took the same free-ranging panel approach and that it explictly held two panels on two of the four main themes of the IGF – “security” and “openness” (Nitin Desai pointed out that had the meeting been in a developing country, the panels and debate would have been on the other two themes – diversity and access).

It was also similar to the real meeting in the role that I have been asked to play: “chief blogger” – meaning scouring the Internet for interesting comments and reading them out to the room. Actually, this term “chief blogger” has led some to ask whether I’m some of kind of official IGF blogger, which I certainly am not, so I will refer to my role as “blog watcher” from now on.

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We need you! Here is how you can help the Net

We need you!There is a big meeting on the future of the Internet in London tomorrow, run by Nominet, where I will be acting as the “chief blogger”. As such, I need your help.

In fact, I am the official chief blogger for the Internet Governance Forum itself in Athens at the end of this month. That basically means that I will spend a good chunk of the conference reading what others have to say about the meeting online and I will occasionally be asked to summarise to the room what is being said by the rest of the world. At which point I will read out the most interesting and incisive blog posts to the assembled masses.

I actually see this as a vitally important role as it gives a voice to the people that haven’t flown to Athens and who have nothing more than a Net connection and a good point to make. That’s why I accepted the role and now I need your help to make the most of it.

Update: You can now see exactly what is happening at the IGF meeting, and simply and easily interact with events there through a website at

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More on ICANN and Nominet

I’ve written two pieces for The Register over the new ICANN contract with the US government, and the Board election shambles at Nominet.

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You get on one bloody plane…

I manage to squeeze in a quick trip to California to finish up my book and everything goes crazy.

I arrived in San Francisco an hour ago to no less than four voicemails and 50 non-spam emails – in the spate of 10 hours. I knew ICANN was going to announce its MoU late on Thursday but was unable to speak to Paul Twomey before my plane this morning. As I write this I still don’t know what’s in it, but I have had eight emails and two voicemails about it.

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Nominet’s election and agm

Well, Nominet’s annual general meeting finished an hour or so ago in London and thanks to Rob, we have a clear rundown of what happened.

In a nutshell: a change of accountants because Nominet is getting bigger; another bit of vote chaos that may blow up tomorrow when the result from the Board election is announced; Nominet is making too much money for its own good; a tentative move forward on another EGM to let Nominet get at ENUM and other registry services (, they say).

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Interviews with the Nominet Board candidates

There are two Board positions going at UK registry Nominet that will be decided on Wednesday (27 September) at the company’s annual general meeting in London.

Last week, Nominet announced that there were six candidates and released a statement from each. Despite the extremely tight time period (for example postal votes have to be with Nominet tomorrow (Monday)), I thought it would be a good idea to do very brief interviews with each candidate asking what I hope are the questions that Nominet members would wish to ask and then post them on the Net to help people arrive at a decision.

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