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Our new address

Thankyou all for coming – we want to keep in touch with you all, so here is our new address in San Francisco:

426B Cole Street
San Francisco

Ganesh Puja

Thanks to everyone that came to Pleasanton last night to attend the Ganesh Puja.

It was a great success – we honoured the elephant god Ganesh, who – it was explained during the ceremony – is the Hindu equivalent of asking a public figure like a governor to attend a ribbon cutting. We then honoured the celestial powers and sang together, both before and after the ceremony, before tucking into a great spread of dishes.

We will stick up pictures and more information on the puja for those interested later. If you have pictures of the event, do please email Kieren at

Welcome all

So I’m writing this while heading back into town for drinks with the men having just seen Sapna with her hands beautifully decorated.

The Ganesh ceremony is tomorrow afternoon in Pleasanton, so I hope we’ll see those of you who have travelled all this way.

The best way of getting there for those in the city is probably to catch the BART train to Dublin/Pleasanton and then either call or catch a cab to Sapna’s mum’s house.

See you there!

A first time visitors guide to San Francisco

We just came across a First Time Visitors Guide to San Francisco on Trip Advisor.

It is pretty good, so if you’ve never been to San Francisco before and are wondering how to get the most out a few days in the city, we recommend checking it out.

Engagement photos

We had some engagement photos taken a few weeks ago when we were up in San Francisco by our wedding photographer, Peter Kwan. You should be able to see the Flickr photostream below; otherwise click here for a webpage with them all on.

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Updated hotel information

We were up in San Francisco last weekend and took the time out to review the various accommodations near the venue. As a result, we have created a quick guide for places to stay, which you can find on the information page here.

We’ve picked out four ranging from a very nice hostel on Fort Mason’s grounds, to a classy Japanese hotel up the road, to a unique ship-like hotel overlooking the bay. So please do check out the guide and book early.

We had our civil ceremony today

Yes, we know the whole point of this site is that we get married on 3 April but thanks to Kieren leaving his job, the US visa system and the complete lack of desire of either Kieren or Sapna to spend months away from each other, we had a civil ceremony today at Santa Ana Courthouse, Monday 23 November 2009.

Here are some snaps:

Welcome to Kieren and Sapna’s wedding site

We’re getting married on Saturday 3 April in San Francisco and hope we will see you there.

This site should provide with everything you need to know about the event, including places, times, dates, wedding gifts, information about us and some stuff about San Francisco itself.

The main pages can be found in different tabs at the top as well as down the left-hand-side. If you have any comments or questions, please just add a comment to any of the pages.

Cheers and we hope to see you there!

Kieren and Sapna

Your wedding gift: a photo album we will cherish

Having lived away from home for more than a decade each, we really don’t need any gifts from a traditional wedding registry (in fact, if anyone wants a frying pan, we have six).

As such, we talked about a gift we would really like and that was: great wedding photography. Having gone through a list of over 60 wedding photographers from California, we decided upon Peter Kwan – we love his style which is classy and fun but also photo-journalistic. Peter focuses more on capturing the little moments and people’s personalities than the big set-piece photographs and we like that.

Plus of course, with everyone owning a digital camera these days, we are certain there will be no shortage of pictures of us in groups.

So, if you wish to give us a wedding gift, we would really like you to donate toward a wedding fund out of which we will pay Peter for his services.

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Pages added to the site

We’ve added a bunch of pages to the site in preparation for sending out a Save the Date to everyone.

Still lots of information to add but now there is more information on the day itself and some of the events surrounding it; key addresses; a space for information and questions; and a piece about how we met.