Updated hotel information

We were up in San Francisco last weekend and took the time out to review the various accommodations near the venue. As a result, we have created a quick guide for places to stay, which you can find on the information page here.

We’ve picked out four ranging from a very nice hostel on Fort Mason’s grounds, to a classy Japanese hotel up the road, to a unique ship-like hotel overlooking the bay. So please do check out the guide and book early.

Married to Sapna

I got married to Sapna this morning at Santa Ana Courthouse. I’m pretty happy about that. We do have a much bigger and fancier wedding planned for 3 April next year but since I’m leaving my job at ICANN, and since we really didn’t want to spend alot of time apart, we decided we needed to get married earlier so we can go through the American visa system with the minimum of mishap.

Anyway, it was sort-of the perfect wedding – small, simple, relaxed. Just a shame my family couldn’t make it – although we did have my mum and dad on the phone at the lecturn. So for anyone interested, here are snaps of the day, followed by a lunch and little ceremony we had at Sapna’s aunt’s house nearby. And below that is a video of the civil ceremony itself.

And here’s a video of the civil ceremony.

We had our civil ceremony today

Yes, we know the whole point of this site is that we get married on 3 April but thanks to Kieren leaving his job, the US visa system and the complete lack of desire of either Kieren or Sapna to spend months away from each other, we had a civil ceremony today at Santa Ana Courthouse, Monday 23 November 2009.

Here are some snaps:

Welcome to Kieren and Sapna’s wedding site

We’re getting married on Saturday 3 April in San Francisco and hope we will see you there.

This site should provide with everything you need to know about the event, including places, times, dates, wedding gifts, information about us and some stuff about San Francisco itself.

The main pages can be found in different tabs at the top as well as down the left-hand-side. If you have any comments or questions, please just add a comment to any of the pages.

Cheers and we hope to see you there!

Kieren and Sapna

Your wedding gift: a photo album we will cherish

Having lived away from home for more than a decade each, we really don’t need any gifts from a traditional wedding registry (in fact, if anyone wants a frying pan, we have six).

As such, we talked about a gift we would really like and that was: great wedding photography. Having gone through a list of over 60 wedding photographers from California, we decided upon Peter Kwan – we love his style which is classy and fun but also photo-journalistic. Peter focuses more on capturing the little moments and people’s personalities than the big set-piece photographs and we like that.

Plus of course, with everyone owning a digital camera these days, we are certain there will be no shortage of pictures of us in groups.

So, if you wish to give us a wedding gift, we would really like you to donate toward a wedding fund out of which we will pay Peter for his services.

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Pages added to the site

We’ve added a bunch of pages to the site in preparation for sending out a Save the Date to everyone.

Still lots of information to add but now there is more information on the day itself and some of the events surrounding it; key addresses; a space for information and questions; and a piece about how we met.

Updated software, new post

So I’ve finally updated the software that this blog uses – WordPress – from 2.0.1 to 2.8.4 – which will mean nothing to most of you but cause others to wonder what the hell I’ve been up to.

I’ve also tidied up the page and fix a range of bugs so the site is clean and ready for some new posts. I’m still undecided how exactly to split up my two main blogs – kierenmccarthy.co.uk and kierenmccarthy.com. Or whether to just point them to the same place.

I’m tempted to make this (.co.uk) my personal blog and the dot-com site my professional face. But then I’m not sure I’d stick with that separation for very long and would find work posts here and personal posts on the dot-com site. Blogs sort-of dare you to be more personal.

Ah well, we shall see.

Date and venue set

So we have signed the contract and the date and venue for the wedding is set: Saturday 3 April 2010 at 1 Fort Mason, San Francisco.

A blog post covering the location and the history of the venue will arrive soon.

Who loves the Internet more: Obama or the Pope?

It seems that the Internet is catching on with the most powerful men in the world. Both the Pope and the new US president Barack Obama have this week announced new web strategies and told anyone that would listen how much they love this Internet.

The conversion is hardly surprising – both men derive most of their enormous power from being able to communicate directly to millions. And if there’s one thing the Internet does well, it is mass communication. Here the question though: who loves the Internet more – Obama or the Pope?

Let’s find out in a head-to-head competition…

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Nominet Board fight rolls on

Yet another extraordinary statement has come out of Nominet – the .uk registry owner – today. This time, the chairman Bob Gilbert lambasts a “number of false allegations” made in a resignation letter from former director Jim Davies.

The letter was posted on the Nominet members’ private mailing list, nom-steer, and contains “sensitive and confidential board and HR matters”.

In it, Davies provides details of an executive compensation package through which he accuses the CEO of unfairly profiting from the non-profit organization, and also alleges that the previous head of IT was kicked out the company for raising a concern about the CEO’s behaviour.

This is just the latest broadside in a war that has been raging at the heart of Nominet for almost a year.

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