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Prop8 strike-down rally

Yesterday, the news came through that Judge Walker in San Francisco had ruled that the controversial Proposition 8 – which bans gay marriage in California and had been approved by referendum two years ago – was unconstitutional. The ruling is quite an interesting read and may well set significant legal precedents further down the line.

The result was a march from San Francisco famous gay district, Castro, to City Hall, along Market Street. I caught up with the rally just as it ended the top of Market St and got some pictures of the march and the subsequent speeches in from of City Hall. You can see them below as a Flickr feed.

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Engagement snaps

A few weeks ago, Sapna and I had some engagement photos taken around the Embarcadero in San Francisco, by our wedding photographer, Peter Kwan. You can see them in a slide show below or by following this link.