Here’s a rundown of the main events so you know when and where things are happening.

Please note: You are not expected to attend all these events; if you wish to, you are welcome.

Wed 31 March:

  • All: You are more than welcome to come by and visit for chai and an informal dinner
  • Whisky connoisseurs: Kieren will be hosting a whisky-tasting for any of you that would like to share his passion for Scottish fire water (location: bar TBD)

Thu 1 April:

  • Afternoon/Evening: Ganesh Puja (a ceremony that blesses the couple and ensures a fulfilling and happy life together), Mehndi Party with live music in Pleasanton (Darshana and Narendra’s house)

Fri 2 April:

  • Rest and final preparation for the wedding

Sat 3 April: THE BIG DAY

The ceremony starts at 5pm and will be followed by cocktails, dinner and dancing.

Sun 4 April

  • Late morning: Brunch (location TBD)

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